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legato_bleu's Journal

Legato Bluesummers
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This planet is vast. Its people are numerous, but... ignorant. Weak. Foolish. They know so little of the past, and nothing of the future. How can they live like this?

I am not like them. I know my place. I know where I stand. I am enlightened.

I will carry out the will of my master. Far be it from me to question the orders of a superior being...

Take care, Vash the Stampede. I will see that you suffer.


Vash lies at Legato's feet, dying.

MllnsKnives: Knives turns his expression to Legato, and it slowly fades into a glare. "You..." He paces heavily towards Legato, glowering more furiously with each approaching step. "You... what have you done!?" His hands are clenched into fists, hanging shaking at his sides as he seethes with anger at Legato.

legato bleu: Legato blinks, then looks down at his left hand, still for the first time in ten days. He looks up again, eyes still wide, but this time... this time there is something of sanity behind the golden discs. Softly, he answers: "I made my arm stop shaking."

Is this who you are?
Some sweet violent urge
A weak fallen man
With the promise of an end?

mun says:

i look like rem, act like meryl, and think like legato. *long pause* ...is that a bad thing?

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